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Title - Thoughts of my mind
Limited edition of a total of 250, comprising 2 sizes
Image size - 380 by 304mm , unframed price = $125
Image size - 500 by 400mm , unframed price = $175   

ALL limited editions done on the finest archival paper & inks , hand signed - numbered


Karin was raised by two quite spirited and devoted sailors near the Baltic Sea along with her three older brothers. The love of the water has been firmly embedded during these childhood years.

Having studied, worked, traveled, and lived in a range of countries, Karin gained heaps of personal depth and a broad range of experiences as a visual artist.

Karin worked as a freelance illustrator and as a member of the Dutch Club of Illustrations for 10 years in the culturally throbbing heart of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Karin immigrated to New Zealand in 2002 and now teaches high school art, imparting her knowledge as well as continuing to produce her own artworks.

A word from Karin 

I am a bit of a minimalist, I like to omit things and paint with a close eye on colours, on balance and a bit of a quirk, I am also quite taken by water; the empty beaches of the New Zealand coastline and the elements. I am drawn to all that and seek to cement it in my painting work.

How I solace in solitude, it never ceases to amaze me how one can so marvellously self compose the world in a painting!

Lately I have been venturing into the equally wonderful world of the more Gestural
- Abstact Expressionism. Working with inks, dyes, even embossing mono-print and at times
shellac and acrylic paint!  -  Great Fun

Thoughts of my mind by Karin Lange

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