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Conservation Framing


Conservation  framing involves specialised glass that filters UV light & matting materials that are acid free, minimising decay & encourage longevity of a framed work.
Standard mat boards, backing boards, and tapes contain acids which can migrate into the framed work, slowly deteriorating it as the chemicals react & the mat boards themselves degrade and fade. 

Conservation boards are acid free & more stable to light exposure. The bevelled cut will stay free from the yellowing which occurs with standard mat boards.

Full conservation framing includes 98% UV filter glass


The manufacturers claim UV glass inhibits 98% of UV rays permeating behind the glass nevertheless it's recommended a framed work is kept out of direct sunlight for optimal longevity.

Conservation framing is a recommendable option for original art works, limited edition prints, treasured photos & specialised framing types like tapestries and memorabilia.


In regards to prints, UV glass may not be essential. Prints fading from exposure to sunlight  can be minimal these days due to the UV inhibiting inks commonly used by high grade printers, with some inks having a projected longevity in moderate light exposure of up to 100 years.

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