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Mat Boarding

What is a Mat Board and why is it used?

Mat board separates the artwork or photograph from the glazing, forming a protective barrier. It is also used to add space, framing and expanding the size of the artwork, allowing it to fill the area it deserves on your wall, and creating interest to look more deeply at the artwork in the centre.

Double & Triple Mats

Double matting is when two mat boards are placed on top of one another. This increases the depth of the mat layer, and can introduce a secondary framing layer to the look of the matting.

If you add a third mat between the double matting, that has a complementary colour to the artwork, this is called a triple mat, and can be very striking. Triple matts add depth and character to a framing job.

For the perfect colour match between the image & mat board, the 2 - 5mm edge of the mat can be hand coloured, tailoring it specifically to the framed subject, or to match surrounding walls and décor.

Choose the right shade of white matboard for your white walls.

A white to cream mat board will suit most pictures. However, it is important to make sure the right white mat is chosen for your picture if your walls are "white". The mat board should match as closely as possible to give the best look!

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